July 18 Town Hall Meeting

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On July 18, Rosedale Land Partners addressed Rosedale residents at a community town hall meeting at the Resort Community Recreation Center. Several issues were addressed, including an update on construction (550 homes now occupied!) and a preview of four new residential neighborhoods (Wisteria by Christopher Homes, Palmetto by Brookfield Homes, Parsons Place by Shea Homes and Avenswood by TRI Pointe Homes). Other topics included an update on the construction of the Arroyo and several new neighborhood parks, planned street improvements and repairs, the proposed Rosedale K-8 school, and parking within the community by hikers using the Garcia trail.

School: Rosedale Land Partners’ vice president, Bill Holman, explained that the geotechnical investigations of the proposed K-8 school site are complete, and that a final report is expected by the end of this summer. Based on the preliminary data and mapping of a potentially active fault feature on a small portion of the site, it is expected that the State of California will determine that the site is suitable for a school. However, the building of the school is not imminent, because of the District’s requirement that 300 students from Rosedale attend Azusa Unified School District schools before construction begins. Rosedale Land Partners and the Azusa Unified School District remain in discussions to address the issues of school design and timing of construction. The AUSD’s attorney was present to speak on behalf of the district. Several residents spoke about different issues surrounding the school, including how it would be funded, and what the site can be used for if a school is not built.

Garcia Trail Parking: The Garcia Trail, whose trailhead is on the northeast side of Rosedale, has lately become a popular destination for hikers. Increased trail usage has caused an increase in the number of cars parking on Rosedale’s residential streets near the trailhead. As a result, residents have asked the City of Azusa to work with the North Rosedale HOA to craft a parking management plan that preserves the ability of Rosedale’s residents and their guests to park in front of their homes. Additionally, all Rosedale residents have been asked for their input on a proposed parking permit plan. If you have comments or input, please direct them to Sarah Karlovic at skarlovic@keystonepacific.com or Heather Smith at hsmith@keystonepacific.com.

We sincerely appreciate everyone attending and participating in the meeting. When we have further updates to any of these issues, we will post them on this blog.

School Site Testing Update

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Staking, trenching and excavation have begun on what we expect to be the last of the trenches being tested for geotechnical soils issues.

As explained in a previous blog post, sites that house a school must be fully evaluated according to California State requirements to ensure that the site is appropriate for a school from a geotechnical and environmental perspective. Once the digging is completed, experts will return to evaluate the site. Latest findings have concluded that the site can be used for a school. Our expectation is that trenching and testing will be completed by the end of the June, and a final report issued in July.

We will fill you in on any news related to the condition of the school site when we get it. In the meantime, we continue an open dialog with the Azusa Unified School District on the condition of the site, and the conditions under which a school is required to be constructed under our Mitigation Agreement.

Rosedale School Update

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You may have noticed considerable earth moving taking place in the middle of Rosedale for the last several months, on the site designated by an early agreement with the Azusa Unified School District for a K-8 school at Rosedale. Here’s an explanation.

According to State of California requirements for school facilities, sites that will house a school must be fully evaluated for environmental and geotechnical soils issues. In other words, the site is being tested extensively at various levels down to bedrock to determine its suitability for a school.

For several months, the developer, Rosedale Land Partners (RLP), has been completing a years-long process of geotechnical studies in coordination with school district and state geological experts. The latest findings (5/10/13) conclude that the site can be used for a school. We will keep you posted on further progress.

Additionally, Rosedale Land Partners has been discussing the proposed Rosedale school with representatives of the Azusa Unified School District for the past two years, and has attended the last two school board meetings to publicly discuss the issue. The district invited us to attend to give a status update on the Rosedale school.

There seems to be a lack of understanding on the district’s part, and maybe some residents’, of the required timing for construction of the school. RLP’s predecessors and the district entered into an agreement in 2004 that governs many things concerning the school, including the timing of construction. Specifically, the developer is to begin constructing the school six months after the 300th grade K-8 student from Rosedale attends school in the Azusa district (AUSD). As of now, just nine K-8 students from Rosedale attend district schools. If we extrapolate to 300 students, it could be a very long time, if ever, that Rosedale produces 300 students who attend an AUSD school.

This is the reason Rosedale Land Partners approached the district two years ago to discuss meaningful alternatives to a new school. No other options were considered in the original agreement. Rosedale is not required to build a school until the 300 student threshold is met, and it doesn’t make sense to build a new school for only a handful of students. Things have changed for the district as well. Since the school agreement for Rosedale was signed district enrollment has dropped by over 2000 students. For these reasons we believe the district may wish to discuss other options with us.

As landowners and home builders in Azusa, we are important stakeholders in the issue of when the Rosedale school gets built, and what impact it may have on the district.

We are meeting all of our obligations established in the agreement with the school district, and will continue to do so. But given low enrollment from Rosedale, we believe it is in the best interest of all parties to consider whether the original plan is still in our collective best interest and if not, to consider an alternative. If the district deems the original plan its best option, we are fully prepared to continue preparing the site and working toward that goal.

We look forward to engaging Rosedale residents and the broader community of Azusa to share in this dialog with us, using this forum. Additionally, we will soon be hosting a community meeting at Rosedale to discuss this issue, and will note the date here.

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Rosedale Reborn

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Rosedale Now: The Journey of Azusa’s Premiere Master-Planned Community

Rosedale, a 1,250-home master-planned community in Azusa, has overcome significant obstacles to become a place people are proud to call home. Today, Rosedale is a top-selling new home community in the greater Los Angeles region, adding to Azusa’s tax base and beautifying the city, and bringing new jobs and residents to the area.

Before Rosedale re-launched under new ownership in 2010, the development was at a standstill — acres of weeds filled the landscape, early residents were surrounded by faded signage covered with graffiti, a recreation center was halted midway in 2008, and homeowners were disheartened by the appearance of their community and their properties’ lower valuations.

Since acquiring the property, Rosedale Land Partners has made significant improvements, including the removal of faded and damaged signs, fences and weeds; the completion of new parks; new streets including Palm Drive; parkway and slope landscaping improvements; and beautiful entry monuments.

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